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The Cheesecake That Has Everyone Drooling!

My friend Easel and I decided to try out the newly opened Japanese Restaurant on the block called MotoMachi.  Had the Ramen and Chicken Katsu, both were delectable and the taste were authentic.  Well kudos to the owner who made the perfect decision on hiring Japanese Chefs, as tons of Restaurant owners often make this kind of blunder, hiring a non-Japanese Chef for a Japanese diner, the result: perfect menu – disaster taste.  I’ve also had the Macha Latte which was new to my tastebuds but I liked it nevertheless.

My friend insisted on trying their cheesecake, was a bit reluctant as I thought it would taste just the usual cheesecake we’ve had here and there.  But oh boy I was so wrong! To my surprise, this cake was not looking like a typical cheesecake but a cotton cake!  The taste did not disappoint a cake fanatic like me, definitely the yummiest cheesecake I have tasted ever, it’s very light and fluffy you would always reach for more bites.  Took away for my husband to try and he absolutely loved it!  It’s surely a love at first bite!

Will be making one on the weekend.  Yay! 🙂

Want to try baking it?  Well here’s the easy  RECIPE I found on the net.

Enjoy and let me know how it turned out for you.


Source: RicenFlour




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