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Hamburg Tour With My Little One. Quick tips on traveling!

As a first time mother, I am quite skeptical when it comes to traveling alone with my daughter. It took quite a while to gradually gain the confidence and eventhough traveling with a little one is indeed a challenge, seeing her discover, feel and smell new things and giggles every time, make it all worth it and rewarding.

My sister is a Senior Cabin Crew, and every time she gets a flight to Hamburg, we invite her over to Berlin. Because due to work my husband is not always available to travel hence having her over is a more convenient way to be with her.

However, this time around I felt like trying to travel alone with our daughter. Hence booked the train tickets and off we went! 🙂

Going to Hamburg via a fast train was a breeze as she was asleep 80% of the time and was all in a good mood by the time she woke up and just kept herself busy smiling and greeting everyone onboard (her policy: smile back and play with me but do not take me away from my Mumma! lol!).

With an ergonomic sling we were able to easily stroll around Hamburg. Our top pick is the Planten un Blomen (Botanical Garden and City Park with Lakes). The garden is amazing and very picturesque even my daughter enjoyed touching and smelling the plants and flowers.

Here are some quick tips I want to share with you all when traveling with a small child:

  1. Check the weather on the destination and plan the wardrobe accordingly.
  2. Pack super light, only very necessary things!
  3. Carry snacks and water all the time and put them in the very accessible compartment.
  4. If the travel day falls on a very busy day, it is a MUST to reserve a seat! You don’t want to end up in a very awkward seat because all good seats are taken!
  5. Arrive early on the platform as the platform number could change at the last minute.
  6. When baby starts making a fuss on the train or plane and etc, acknowledge the inconvenience it is causing and apologize to the passengers close to you, this automatically converts their annoyance to empathy, some would even try to help. 🙂

Two days went by so quickly and we are back home. Quite exhausted but it was all wonderful, can’t wait to do another one soon! 🙂




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