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Real Life Superman!

To the man God blessed me with, I hope you don’t get tired making meals on days I’m ill, blue or just plain lazy.

You are always ready to step up and fill the gaps when I can’t be 100%. I appreciate you for making this whole marriage and family thing doable and easy.

Exhausted at the end of the day, with almost nothing left for you, yet with no questions you accept whatever I can offer each moment, no matter how small, or sometimes nothing at all.

Thank you, for even in days I question my abilities in running a home, I slumber filled with the assurance of your love. In days I believe I don’t deserve kindness, yet kindness is the only thing you load my heart with.

Thank you for providing me with a clear vision that our children will have an amazing father. Someone who knows love and how to practice it, a heart with overflowing gratitude, who is compassionate and gentle.

My husband, I can’t thank God enough for you.




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